Blasting & Boulder Breaking | Precision Blasting for Nonex Blasting, Boulder Busting, Trim Blasting

Blasting & Boulder Breaking

Blasting | Precision Blasting for Nonex Blasting, Boulder Busting, Trim Blasting 

Blasting Intro

BAT CONSTRUCTION LTD. has its' own team of blasters, including Contract Blasters with Urban Tickets.  If you need a rock breaking contractor with delicate techniques, our crews have more than 25 years of experience in drilling and blasting, boulder breaking, trim blasting, pit blasting and both surface blasting and underground blasting.

Trim Blasting:

Trim Blasting: Trim Blasting is a process where rock is drilled with a pattern of holes that, when blasted,  "trims" off excess material, leaving behind the desired rock face.

For 25 years. BAT Construction Ltd. and their highly trained drilling and explosive experts, use hand held pneumatic machines and controlled blasting methods to creating this safe zone around openings.  BAT Construction Ltd. has also successfully completed several larger scale surface blasting projects, such as rock excavation for the treatments plant at the Seymour-Capilano project.  Near sensitive zones, fish hatcheries, dams and public areas.



Blasting: BAT Construction Ltd. drilling and blasting experts have blasted several large scale surface blasting projects to remove unstable rock masses on high angle slopes that are too large for removal using scaling bars and jacks. We are sure to protect your sensitive structures, prevent further damage to the rock cut and have proven experience in sensitive zones such as fish hatcheries, dams and public areas.

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Boulder Busting

Boulder Busting / Rock Breaking: The process of removing rock or rocks, from an area in order to improve stability. This can range from larger rock blasts, to individual boulders in a Urban construction setting, to use of air bags for slab removal. The goal is little or no vibration and minimal fly stones. 

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