Mine Support Services | Pipelines, Logistics, Air/Water/Power Lines

Mine Support Services

Mine Support Services | Pipelines, Logistics, Air/Water/Power Lines

Mine Services:

BAT Construction Ltd. Construction for new or expanding mine servicing or ongoing mine maintenance.  BAT's mine services include installation of pipelines, pipeline maintenance, water management, including HDH Drilling, Mine Logistics and Surface Wells.

Mines worldwide need valuable, experienced contractors for construction or expansion of mine sites.  It is important that these contractors understand the specific challenges afforded by these sites and be to be able to mitigate against water collection and maintain safe slope stabilization from rock debris and deliver the services that make the mines profitable.


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For new mine construction or mine expansion, BAT Construction Ltd. can install all mine site services including:


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Mine Services: 

                              • Excavation & General Earthworks

                              •  Waterline / Pipeline installations

                              •  Airline installations

                              •  Power services

                              •  Surface Wells

                              • Tailings Pond Construction & Reclaimation

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Our maintenance programs generally include:

                              •   Water Management         

                              •   Horizontal or Vertical Longhole Drilling

                              •   Mine Logistics                 •   Slope Stabilization

                              •   Pipeline Maintenance     •   Drill and Blast Operations

                              •   Pezometer Installations   •   Sinkhole Remediation

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BAT Construction Ltd. offers the logistical capacity to contract any of the construction or maintenance that WORLDCLASS MINES need, to ensure daily productivity.