Stabilization and Anchors

Stabilization and Anchors

Stabilization and Anchors

Mesh Installations:

Mesh Installations:  Our crews have experience with slope mesh and other mesh protection systems.  Throughout provincial highways systems we have gabions, chain link, Tecco, Energy absorbing fence, slope mesh, rock fall catchment fences, rock fall protection, avalanche protection, debris deflection structures and debris flow barriers.  Our crews are highly skilled at using rope access, crane access and helicopters to install mesh protection systems.

Anchor Retaining Systems:

Anchor Retaining Systems: We offer a wide range of anchors, including rock and soils anchors; bolting, pins, micropiles and grouted dowels.   These systems accommodate rock block stability on road or mine bench cuts, to tensioned DCP anchors in gravels for building seismic upgrades, communication or wind tower anchors.  BAT Construction Ltd. can provide teams to install almost any anchor system, in any situation, including Micro-piles, tendons and cable bolting.  Tension and testing services are a part of our quality assurance program.

Scaling / High Angle Scaling:

Scaling / High Angle Scaling: BAT Construction Ltd. has highly trained, certified personnel who offer high angle rope access scaling to rock cuts in order to maintain safety on highways, railways, mining benches and residential/civil excavations using blasting, air bags, power jacks and bars.  BAT Construction Ltd. also has an emergency response team who have the ability to rapidly mobilize, access and clear rail and highway rockslides.


Avalanche / Slide Mitigation:

Avalanche / Slide Mitigation: BAT Construction Ltd. installs high energy snow/rock nets to reduce the risk of avalanches by stopping it at the source.  Rows of nets are installed in the avalanche path to prevent snow or rock from starting to slide.  The installation of nets in slide areas allow regrowth within the slide area, allowing nature to reclaim areas that would otherwise be churned up by avalanches every year and greatly reducing risk to passing motorists.

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Remote Access Construction:

Remote Access Construction: BAT Construction Ltd. commonly uses helicopter and rail access to some of the toughest, most remote sites that the Americas have to offer.  In these remote and unique construction projects, we quite often are installing debris barriers, communication masts, gas-ex avalanche cannons and remote monitoring systems.