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Dominion Diamonds Corp.- Ekati Mine, Northwest Territories

The Ekati (Diamond) Mine Canada’s first diamond mine and is part of the Diavik Diamond Mine complex. It is one of the most remote mines in the world, located on the bed of a vast northern lake, Lac de Gras….300 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife and south of the Arctic Circle.

BAT Construction Ltd. has been under contract at the Diavik Diamond Mine, on an as-needed basis going back to 2004.

All transportation to and from this mine occurs on the one and only ice road or by airplane.  The remoteness of this mine….in the tundra of the Canadian North, makes it a formidable location with the extremes; detail of attention MUST be paid to the safety of the crews and the environment.

Our contracts include rock slope stabilizations, using tools such as rock bolts, mesh and/or geotextiles, drilling and blasting, and installation of Energy Absorbing Barriers.

BAT Construction Ltd. is accountable to the Ekati Mines highest level of environmental and safety guidelines.  The nearest hospital is 300 km. away, so, keeping staff safe is the top priority.

BAT Construction Ltd. is the natural choice for these projects.  Their experience with the products, the skills, and talents of our employees, in regards to operations, give BAT the edge in experience and efficiency, resulting in the successful completion of these projects, without delays and on target.