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Kettle Valley Rock Scaling using Rope Access


 March 2021



Rope Access




Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen 


BAT Construction Ltd. Was tasked with rock scaling using Rope Access.  The prime purpose was to remove rock that might be dangerous to tourists using the Kettle Valley Railway bike tour route.

Using a combination of prybars and air bags , our crews wee able to remove questionable rocks prior to the trails being open for the season.  BAT Construction also took the extra step of using blast mats to protect the asphalt surface on the bike path from being damaged by falling rocks.  This act went above and beyond the scope of the contract.  It was the right thing to do.

BAT Construction is moving all of their scaling crews to Rope Access, which is proving to be a much safer, cost effective system.  With built in redundancies to ensure the employees safety, including airline cable woven into the ropes, it allows BAT to access more locations and broaden our scope of work than typical rock scaling does.