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Rio Tinto - Diavik Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories


Since 2008





Installation of Mesh Systems

Trim Blasting






Rio Tinto and Dominion Diamond 

Diavik Ltd.



Remote Access  and unstable conditions where all equipment has to be scheduled to fly in for rotation.  


The Diavik Diamond Mine is one of the most remote mines in the world, located on the bed of a vast northern lake, Lac de Gras….220 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle.

BAT Construction Ltd. Has been under contract at the Diavik Diamond Mine, on an as-needed basis since 2006.

The single road in and out, built out of ice and crossing frozen lakes, is the only connection the mine has to other operations and to Yellowknife.  All transportation that occurs on this road is performed and managed by the mine.  Due to the importance of this road, all BAT crews are flown in and any transport of equipment must wait till the road is at optimal condition, which is generally from January to March.

Our contracts include rock slope stabilizations, using tools such as rock bolts, mesh and/or geotextiles, drilling and blasting and installation of Energy Absorbing Barriers.

The extremely harsh climatic conditions, and the physical location of the mine present significant challenges with materials, construction and safety.   From the mailability of materials, to on-site operation where no construction materials are allowed to blemish the pristine waters of the lake. 

BAT Construction is accountable to the Diavik Diamond Mines highest level of environmental and safety guidelines.  The nearest hospital is 300 kms. away, so, keeping staff safe is the top priority.

BAT Construction Ltd. is the natural choice for these projects.  Their experience with the products, the skills and talents of our employees, in regards to operations give BAT the edge in experience and efficiency, resulting in successful completion of these projects, without delays and on target.