BAT Construction Ltd. provides a full range of services for rock and soil stabilization projects, rock cuts, landslides, open pit mines, tunnels, concrete restoration, horizontal drain holes and soil anchors.

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MIRAGE Series 2

Built by our Otway Works Division in PG - this All Position Long Hole Drill combines old school simplicity & toughness, with ultra-modern functionality.



The boom truck is equipped with railway gear, and is available for rent with a certified operator.



Shown here with BAT Construction Ltd.'s excavator mounted on it, allows them to do railway ditching.


These services include:

• Scaling:

BAT has highly trained certified personnel who offer high angle scaling of rock cuts to maintain safety of highways, mining benches, and residential excavations. BAT offers an emergency response team which can access and respond to rail or highway rockslides.


• Horizontal Drain Drilling

Large open pit mining and slope cuts, can benefit dramatically with the reduction of water within the slope through placement of free-draining horizontally drilled holes. From standard 50 mm diameter, 6 m long, rock cut drains, to 150 mm diameter holes, up to 300 m long, BAT has specifically designed equipment and trained crews to provide an excellent drain install service. Both rock and overburden, cased or uncased drain holes can be provided.


• Trim Blasting:

Rock slope stabilization often requires trim blasting, and BAT has provided this service for 25 years.  This is typically achieved by drilling small diameter holes with handheld pneumatic machines with rope access, and controlled blasting techniques. BAT has also successfully completed several larger scale surface blasting projects, such as the rock excavation for the new treatment plant at the Capilano –Seymour project, near sensitive zones such as fish hatcheries, dams and public areas.


• Mesh Installation:

Several kilometers of slope mesh and other protection systems throughout the BC highway network have been installed by BAT. BAT has experience with system types such as Tecco, gabion slope mesh, rock fall catch fences, rock fall protection systems, avalanche protection systems, and debris flow barriers.


• Rock & Soil Anchors:

BAT installs many types of anchor systems for rock and slope stabilization.

From Grouted dowels for rock block stability on road or mine bench cuts, to Tensioned DCP anchors in gravels for building seismic upgrades, communication or wind tower anchors, BAT can provide a team to install almost any anchor system in any situation. BAT can provide installation services for micro-piles, tendons and cable bolting.  Tensioning and testing services are also available.


• Retaining Walls:

Having installed and built many tied-back walls for rail and road access, along with several other MSE, shotcrete and block walls, BAT can provide the solution to most retaining wall installations.


• Shotcrete:

BAT has several ACI certified nozzlemen within its team, and can offer a wide range of shotcrete services. Below are listed shotcrete applications that BAT can offer:

  • Slope stabilization for weaker geological zones of rock cuts. Application can be provided for remote and difficult access applications.
  • Tunnel linings installations or repairs; overhead applications of complete tunnel lining installations or restorations.
  • Top – down vertical excavation with shotcrete and anchor shoring system.
  • Permanent structural installation or repairs. BAT will provide complete services including deteriorated concrete removal, surface preparation, reinforcement replacement / addition, and shotcrete application and finishing. Previous work of this type includes: Coal Silos, process tank repairs, tunnel linings, bridge piers and abutments.


• Remote Access Construction:

BAT Construction provides services to remote sites, confined space projects, and unique construction projects such as: debris barriers, communications masts, gas-ex avalanche cannons, and monitoring stations.


• Grouting:

High and low pressure applications: joint sealing, ground stability, consolidation grouting, void filling and/or settlement remedial work.


• Mine Services:

With BAT's expertise in remote access, many mine services can be installed by BAT's teams, as listed below:

  • Water lines
  • Air lines
  • Power lines
  • Monitoring wells; inclinometers, piezo-meters
  • Water control and catchment sumps with liner installations
  • Survey control stations and prisms.


At BAT Construction there is not much out there that we don't do. We're always looking for unique challenges so please feel free to forward any requests you may have.



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