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BAT Construction Ltd. has undertaken many unique and challenging projects over the past 25 years and successfully completed these projects due to the range of excellent skills provided by their personnel. We work all across Canada, and occasionally in the USA, as well as Peru.

In addition to the expertise contained within BAT, additional resources are available from the Sims Group of Companies which BAT is a member of. Among the Sims Group, BAT Construction specializes in providing ground support systems. With BAT and the Sims Group also comes the support of a vertically integrated group of companies; providing services including equipment refurbishing and remanufacturing, support and service of equipment, and equipment rental.

Recent Projects:

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Parks Canada

May - September 2016 (Phase I), Spring 2017 (Phase II)

BAT Construction is currently working on the largest snow net installation in the Western Hemisphere.  The project is located in the Glacier National Park and the work performed is for Parks Canada Agency.  These snow nets reduce the risk of avalanches by stopping it at its source.  Rows of snow nets are installed in the avalanche paths to prevent snow from starting to slide.  The installation of the snow nets allows PCA to keep the highways open, whereas they’d typically need to perform scheduled closures and mitigate avalanche hazards by firing ordinance at the slide paths.

 This ambitious project requires installing 2000m of snow nets within 6 months in a technically challenging area that pushes the established Swiss guidelines to the max.  The complicated topography of the slide areas and high snow densities not only make this project the largest in the Western Hemisphere, but also the most technically challenging snow net project, of volume, in the world.  Typically, 1000m of snow nets are installed in one season in projects in Europe, never 2000m of snow nets.  To add to the challenge, snow net manufacturers are an ocean apart; presenting logistical challenges between design, manufacturing, delivery & installation in one season.  The installation of snow nets in these slide areas allows regrowth both within the slide areas and down within the slide paths, allowing nature to reclaim areas that would otherwise be churned up by avalanches every year.

For an interesting perspective on the project, read the article from CLAC's website: "How Do You Stop an Avalanche before It Starts?"

Highland Valley Copper

1990 - Present

BAT Construction provides slope stabilization services, horizontal drain holes, vertical holes, rock scaling, pressure grouting, dam repairs, slab jacking, retaining walls, piezo holes and installation, and drilling and blasting.

Canadian Pacific Railway

1990 - Present

BAT Construction has been working with CP Rail for over 20 years throughout Canada. Services include slope stabilization, scaling and installation of ground support along CP Rail track in Ontario and in British Columbia.

KLNG Plant Access Road - Kitimat, BC

2014 - Present

BAT Construction is working on the access road for the KLNG Plant near Kitimat, BC. BAT's scope of work includes slope stabilization, trim blasting, rock scaling/bolting, slope meshing and shotcrete.

**To view videos of trim blasting, please visit our YouTube channel listed at bottom of page.

Glacier Skywalk - Jasper National Park

2012 - 2014

BAT Construction was involved in this amazing project - a definite 'must see' if you're travelling through Jasper National Park!

DeBeers Canada - Victor Mine, Ontario Canada

2012 - Present

BAT Construction has been involved with the Victor Mine in the James Bay Lowlands of Ontario, providing wall stabilization and assisting with special projects such as dewatering pipe installation.

Rio Tinto - Diavik Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories

2006 - 2011

BAT Construction performed rock scaling, rock bolting, supply and installation slope mesh, and trim blasting.

Dominion Diamonds Corp.- Ekati Mine, Northwest Territories

2004 - 2011

At Canada's first surface and underground diamond mine, BAT' Construction's scope of work involves rock scaling, rock bolting, supply and installations of slope mesh, and trim blasting.

AltaGas - Forrest Kerr Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project


BAT Construction provided drilling/blasting, rock scaling and bolting, shotcrete, anchor and mesh installation.

Thompson Rivers University


BAT Construction was part of the expansion of the student activity centre by installing DCP seismic anchors.

Elkview Coal Operations

2008 and 2010

BAT Construction has been working closely with Teck Coal Limited at their Elkview Coal Operations since 2008. As well as our ongoing work, BAT has completed two very large projects that include external and internal structural repairs to operating coal silos using remote access re-enforced shotcrete application.

Alterra Power


BAT Construction assisted Golders with testing of anchors at Alterra's Dokie Ridge.

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